Glenn Philp

Current position Information
Resource Manager
Previously Front-end Web Architect & Developer


Success is my passion, business is my life, and everything web is my hobby. In my 20 year career, I have implemented an adaptive-responsive framework that is compatible with IE8 and is 95 percent accessible score, serving more than 100,000 page CMS and 2 million users yearly.

I believe in the never stop learning motto. At present, I have completed over 100 hours of web theory, methodology, and technical skill self-learning video courses and a total of 111 hours of business and web related college, not including the hours of technical schools.

Daily Mission

To enrich the lives I come across through faith, love, and compassion without sacraficing integrity.

Glenn Philp

Skills & Tools

Foundation by Zurb
Open AMP Project
Visual Studio Code
Adobe Illustrator
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster
Bing Webmaster
Piwik Analytics

Work Experience

IR Manager
Previously Web Developer, Senior
for UT Southwestern Medical Center

Employeed from Present. Location Dallas, Texas

Summary As a front-end architect and developer I took the challenge of researching and implementing, within 2 years, the first ever UT Southwestern adaptive-responsive front-end framework. It has successfully served over 100,000 page CMS and more than 100 different website, including landing pages and the overall core UT Southwestern web interface. With it also brought a 95 percent passing for accessiblity, including usability and performance.

  • Research
    • Compared frameworks to understand thier individual learning curves, as-well-as flexibility to serve the institutional needs.
    • Accomplishment: reduced development time, increased quality, support outdated browsers and be modern friendly, improved accessibility - which includes usability and performance.
  • Website & Email
    • Developed hundreds of websites serving more than 100,000 pages, while reducing the number of templates from over 50 to only 10
    • Researched and implemented the power of Foundation for Email framework
    • Accomplishment: create an accessible first websites using adaptive-responsive approach for improved device performance and usability. Reduced development time by more than 70 percent, and provided emails that work in most email platforms and clients.
  • Leadership
    • I have overseen 4 developers, which had never worked within a front-end framework or pre-processing environment.
    • Accomplishment: guaranteed my team is trained on the proper testing, coding and development techniques, and provide code reviews before merging code for production
  • Team collaboration
    • Work with back-end developers to implement a better and more efficient build process that helps reduce deployment time and risk by more than 20 percent
    • Accomplishment: Coordinating between each core area: design, back-end development, system management, content contributors, and digital marketing/analytics to successfully deliver web experiences that improve the quality of life for UT Southwestern students, faculty, and patients
  • Supervisory skills
    • Assist with daily SCRUMs, tasks creation and delegation
    • Assisted in the interview process for the hiring of front-end developers, by testing their understanding and knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, and accessibility.
    • Fulfilling approximately 500 monthly maintenance request, including but not limited to the following;
      • Channel creation
      • Content coding support
      • User account management
      • Crash logs and republishing
    • Accomplishment: helped fulfill projects and task request with a 98 percent success rate

Web Developer
Employer The Creative Group, contracted to UT Southwestern

Employeed from August 2013. Location Dallas, Texas

The first six months of being contracted at UT Southwestern I quickly realized the complexities that faced a very diverse development group. It was during this time I began researching and planning the future of what would become UT Southwestern's flavor of Foundation by Zurb - an adaptive-responsive framework that would work in outdated browsers, while providing the flexibility for modern development.

System Administrator, Junior
Employer Praxis Health Group

Employeed from December 2011. Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Praxis was a medical billing start-up in Oklahoma City. While working here I wore many hats from providing ideas for new brand design and assisting oversight for the outsourced company website, in addition to supporting systems with servers and setting up workstations, and billing data entry when the start-up was short-staffed.

Digital Web Specialist
Employer Freelance

Employeed from August 2013.

As a digital specialist it was my goal to provide a living for myself and family, which meant I wore many hats. If a client wanted SEO analysis, done. If they needed a marketing email, done. If their web site was down I discovered the reason and solved, done. Being a freelancer isn't all about the customer though, there is marketing yourself, paying taxes, budgeting and saving for future growth, task management, etc.


Business Organizational Leadership, Bachelor

Southern New Hampshire University

Expected start and completion

Web Development, Certificate

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Expected start and completion

Web Multimedia, Certificate

Gordon Cooper Technology Center

Expected start and completion


Tom Mathews,
Director Web Services at UT Southwestern

“Glenn is a trusted partner and high potential leader on my team and one I respect both for his work ethic and his creative and technological knowledge and output.” Yearly Performace Review